Digital Health Care

Smart clinic with LiveWays Digital health Solution

Management system for any types of facilities small clinics to big hospitals. Real time evidence for clinicians and decision makers.


Patient demographic records.

White labeled patient billing.

Doctor & hospital share calculations.

Watch you appointments before time.

Income and expense management.

Admin Control

Real time patient visibility.

Real time income reports.

Real time expense reports.

Discount authority.

MIS detailed reporting.


Presenting complaints.

Examination episode records.

Linked with nursing station.

Order and view Lab reports.

Linked with Pharmacy.


Manage Medicine expiry date.

Sale management.

Purchase management.

Inventory management.

Detailed reports on sales & purchase.



Sample management.

Test parameters and groupings.

White labeled lab reports.

Linked with clinical module


Remote and local system

Remote assessment and clinical system

Remote appointment system

Video/audio communication

View remote labs and investigations